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  •  06 Mar 2009 18:32

Release Notes: This release changes the way IDJC behaves when encountering network congestion.

  •  09 Nov 2007 22:50

Release Notes: A memory leak regression in kvpparse.c was fixed. Watchdog code was removed since it does nothing useful.

  •  18 Oct 2007 09:38

Release Notes: Shoutcast servers now receive the bitrate, number of channels, and sample rate information. The update button triggers server reconnection when using shoutcast. Handling of corrupt m4a files has been added so that the application does not crash. ffmpeg support has been added for decoding m4a files for those with faad2 version 2.5 and over. Better exception handling has been added to the vu_update function to allow cleaner exiting. The program idjcctrl now has connect and disconnect commands for making and breaking server connections.

  •  30 Aug 2007 07:06

Release Notes: A regression in the X-Chat channel announcer was fixed. A regression in the playlist controls was fixed. Both these were severe and capable of causing the application to lock up.

  •  25 Jun 2006 17:25

Release Notes: Fixes an off-by-one error that resulted in heap corruption and crashes when adding Ogg files to the playlist.

  •  22 Feb 2006 18:00

Release Notes: Fixes a bug that would cause IDJC to lock up when an incorrect server password was supplied. Locale no longer defaults to en_US. Data about bitrate, sample rate, and number of channels is now sent to the server. An EXTM3U option has been added to the prefs to allow the disabling of extended m3u processing. The playlist save feature now has a default filename. IDJC now works when /dev/shm is not world writable. The file chooser now supports multiple selections. Listen and Stream buttons now work in Basic Streamer mode. A 192kbps streaming mode for MP3 has been added.

  •  02 Sep 2005 14:43

Release Notes: This is a maintainence release that makes idjc compatible with MPlayer 1.0pre7, and hopefully future versions as well. This version of MPlayer has a different command line for outputting raw PCM compared to previous versions. This version of idjc also has a workaround for a resampling bug in MPlayer 1.0pre7.

  •  27 Aug 2005 15:02

Release Notes: A bug where the progress bar would move too fast once it had been dragged was fixed. Some pipes were moved out of the home directory and into /dev/shm. A volume control was added to the jingles player. A bug where the application would sometimes freeze when pressing the previous/next buttons or when using the jingles player was fixed. A latency setting for the track announcements was added so they coincide with the music. Minor graphical tweaks were done.

  •  21 Aug 2005 00:37

Release Notes: It is now safe to drag the progress bar without risking a crash. The server window has been given a makeover. You can now move songs in the playlist with shifted arrow keys. The active cell in the playlist which follows the currently playing song is kept in the visible part of the window.

  •  12 Aug 2005 08:09

Release Notes: This release fixes the crackling sound problem that occurred with the limiter when the sound level reached peak (0dB), adds an alarm which sounds when the music is about to end on the stream, makes the playlist windows bigger so there is now a good chance that you can read the entire track name, fixes the momentary GUI freeze that occurred when using the seek bar, and adds track announcements with the X-Chat IRC client.


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