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  •  23 Jul 2010 22:23

    Release Notes: A new server kick feature. A partial redesign of the Output window. Metadata formatting survives restarts. A new FLAC format recording feature. Improvements to random mode reduce recent replays. A namespace collision has been fixed.

    •  24 Apr 2010 18:54

      Release Notes: The license was reverted to GPLv2 or later. Support was added for four microphone inputs. An out-of-bounds memory write in mixer.c was fixed. An install button was added for the XChat plugin. All JACK ports were renamed. The "Player Stop" playlist control can open the microphone. GUI changes were made in the main window. The profile name is displayed in the other major windows. The "Server" window was renamed to "Output". Mic HPF has a number of stages control. The level hint in vertical sliders of the main window is now correct. New microphone meters that incorporate the old Comp meter were added. An infinite loop bug in Random playlist mode was fixed.

      •  28 Nov 2009 20:16

        Release Notes: The ability to drag and drop tracks from a directory's subdirectory two levels deep was added. Support was added for tagging WMA files. Transitioning of old playlist data from the 0.7 series was improved. MP3 files can be added to the playlist when using old versions of mutagen.

        •  26 Nov 2009 01:28

          Release Notes: This release fixes a race condition during encoder shutdown. It adds replay gain functionality. It improves handling of untagged tracks. The application handles failure of the source client module with an automatic restart. There is a fix to Ogg file scanning, a fix to filter selection in the file requester, and a fix to playback metadata timing. A cue file has been added for MP3 recordings. It adds handling of multiple metadata tags. It adds APEv2 tagging capability.

          •  23 Oct 2009 12:00

            Release Notes: A workaround for mutagen regression was added.

            •  22 Oct 2009 14:42

              Release Notes: Support was added for m4b and m4p file extensions. These are synonymous with mp4. A new media metadata tagger was added, based on mutagen. The dependencies on libmp4v2 and eyeD3 were removed. A dependency on mutagen was added, which covers the functionality of the removed dependencies. ID3 chapter tags lacking null terminators on the TIT2 frame are handled properly. Some Mac portability fixes were added. The advance button now works in accordance with the fade setting. The partially working fade in simple mixer mode is now disabled. This is reflected in the fade selector, which grays out.

              •  14 Jul 2009 00:14

                Release Notes: This release adds the ability to fade in the same playlist. It adds playlist controls for fading in the same playlist. DJ alarm sounds prior to announcements. Fixes for the latest libmp4v2. Jingle player keyboard shortcuts work during announcements. The ability to control the recorder with idjcctrl has been added.

                •  06 Jun 2009 01:24

                  Release Notes: The application icon and menu entry are now installed according to the ${prefix} value. When the prokyon 3 database is being indexed (for the tree view), a progress bar is shown instead of a GUI freeze. The password for the prokyon 3 database is now non-visible. When using the prokyon 3 database upon loading IDJC, the saved database settings are used rather than the default values. Fkeys control of the jingles player has been added. The Escape key is used to stop. A segfault that would occur when the main window had focus and the F8 key was pressed has been fixed.

                  •  29 May 2009 20:00

                    Release Notes: This release adds the ability to obtain listener stats from relays (this changes the GUI in the server window) and fixes avcodecdecode.c.

                    •  08 May 2009 17:43

                      Release Notes: Server stats are now obtained in a threaded manner to prevent the possibility of lockup. A new admin password entry has been added to the server window so that in instances where the Shoutcast server has an admin password applied, the stats can still be obtained. An option to turn off stats retrieval on a per-server basis has been added. Stats are displayed on a per-server basis in the server window.


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