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ID3 Panel Framework

ID3Panel.framework is a Cocoa panel framework that uses ID3Tag.framework to provide the user with a one-call modal panel for editing ID3 tags. It is modelled after the tag editor in iTunes.

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Recent releases

  •  09 Feb 2004 19:09

    Release Notes: All major features are available and stable. Currently, only ID3 tags are supported.

    Recent comments

    07 Oct 2005 09:13 robertbienert

    Application using ID3TagPanel.framework?
    ID3TagPanel.framework is exactly what I searched for simply showing the ID3Tag of MP3 files I have on my hard disk, but imported to iTunes. Is there any known application using the framework, I think of a small and simple app, only for viewing and editing the tags.

    Yours, Robert

    06 Mar 2004 23:15 bfineman

    Can't compile
    Let me start by saying I'm really glad this project is here,
    and if this post is pointing out any inadequacies, they're all in
    me, not this project. That said, I can't get it to compile,
    though I'm sure I'm just being an idiot. When I open the file
    (in Xcode) I get two red entries off the bat, ID3.framework
    and ID3Panel.framework. The absolute path for
    ID3.framework is somewhere in Chris' home, so I change it
    to (what I think is) the correct path for me. ID3Panel also
    has the wrong path, but won't let me change it, so I readd it.
    Then I go to compile and fail and "Errors and Warnings"
    turns red but doesn't appear to have any entries. Any
    thought? I hope I'm just being an idiot.



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