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IControl interprets signals from Creative's RM-900 remote control and the accompanying IR LiveDrive! receiver unit. It is currently capable of sending input to various programs (including XMMS, Xine, XawTV, and XScreensaver), as well as circulating window stacking order (sending windows to the background), and changing input focus. It is completely configurable, allowing the user to map any key to any action the daemon supports. Support for other remote controls is planned.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Jul 2002 08:46

    Release Notes: Multithreading using pthreads, preliminary support for a GUI using Gtk, a reworked configuration file parser (placeholders are no longer needed for actionArgs), shell script and external program support, an enhanced configuration file, and numerous bugfixes. Support for the automatic generation of a default configuration file in ~/.icontrol/icontrol.conf was added.

    •  25 Jun 2002 10:47

      Release Notes: Added support for a default configuration file in a user's home directory (~/.icontrol/icontrol.conf), converted the project to CVS, added support for the NumLock modifier (which means that programs which require keypad input will read numbers rather than 'Home', 'PageUp', etc.), and made various bugfixes and minor updates.


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      Project Spotlight

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