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  •  11 Jan 2005 19:46

Release Notes: The default binding for MouseWinMove and MouseWinSize was fixed and reverted. A one pixel border when the task bar is at the top of the screen was fixed, and a problem with themes not loading from a user directory was corrected.

  •  21 Aug 2003 14:11

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  14 Jun 2003 12:24

Release Notes: Various minor bug fixes for focus and keyboard handling were made. netwm system tray support was added.

  •  12 Jun 2002 04:35

Release Notes: Memory leak and portability fixes.

  •  29 May 2002 13:14

Release Notes: The layout of the TaskBarDoubleHeight feature has been fixed. The doNotCover option was removed from the default winoptions. An ESD compilation problem that occurred when "--with-guievents" was used has been fixed.

  •  07 May 2001 11:33

Release Notes: This release fixes nothing but icewm-default-1.0.8-5.i386.rpm, which was compiled with inproper paths.

  •  27 Apr 2001 03:45

Release Notes: This release fixes minor bugs introduced with IceWM 1.0.8-4.


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