Version 0.9 of iceWing

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  •  03 Oct 2012 21:01

Release Notes: This is a major update to the 0.10 version. Many more cameras are supported, e.g. GenICam cameras via the aravis library, more V4L2 cameras, and cameras from IDS. A GUI for changing different grabber properties on the fly is provided. Support for OpenCV 2.x was enhanced. Plugins can now register callbacks for all widgets. The newest versions of all the dependencies are supported.

  •  07 Jun 2009 11:59

Release Notes: This is a major update to the 0.9 version. Gtk+ version 2.x is now supported. Grabber support was greatly extended. Loading and saving of different movie formats was extended. A new CMake based build system is provided. The user interface was enhanced. Text and image rendering was extended. More information about available plugins is provided. New plugins were integrated.

  •  30 May 2006 12:00

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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