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IceGenerator is a direct stream generator for Icecast/Shoutcast servers. It streams MP3s to an Icecast/Shoutcast server without resampling it, saving CPU time. It features directory searches, MySQL/PGSQL support, M3U/PLS support, ID3 tags, META dynamic info, and a telnet interface.

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  •  02 Nov 2004 02:56

Release Notes: A serious configure script bug was fixed.

Release Notes: This version fixes a serious bug in configuration file parser module, no longer tries to open non-existing files during stream, fixes a race condition on meta streamer - selector launch, fixes memory leaks, adds ID3 support, adds IceMetaL language support, and fixes the default icegenerator.conf path so that it is now SYSCONFDIR.

  •  13 Jun 2004 01:52

Release Notes: This version fixed incorrect socket definitions on Mac OS X, a segfault that occurred when the log object was NULL, and problems with the --with-shout parameter. PostgreSQL and .M3U/.PLS playlist support was added, the basename function was removed because it was not POSIX compliant, and the no-rtti option was removed because it caused segfaults on some systems. The log file path is now configurable.

  •  04 May 2004 06:29

Release Notes: This release fixes compilation errors that occurred with Mac OS X, Alpha Linux, and some POSIX platforms.

  •  22 Apr 2004 11:06

Release Notes: This release has a minimal telnet interface, MySQL support, and code cleanup. The leading '/' in the log file path has been fixed, and there are massive bugfixes in the configure script.


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