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  •  24 Sep 2005 00:37

Release Notes: Streaming support was added for Ogg Speex, Ogg FLAC, and Ogg MIDI. Intro files are now also supported. A new URL listener authenticator was implemented, and the HTPasswd authenticator now uses in-memory structures. On-demand files can now be fed through an authenticator. The admin/web XSLT interface was updated. The server can now be installed as a Win32 service.

  •  04 Nov 2004 19:21

Release Notes: This version featuers listener authentication, multi-level fallbacks, burst-on-connect, updates to the admin interface, a rewrite of the YP listing code, and lots of bugfixes.

  •  08 Jan 2004 08:20

Release Notes: The codebase was completely rewritten from 1.x, resulting in high efficiency and low memory usage. New media types (Ogg Vorbis) were added, as well as a framework to add new media types more easily. Icecast still supports MP3 streaming (including shoutcast-style metadata). A Web-based administration interface was added. Listing is supported in stream directories. A new relay system was implemented. Stability has been tested very thoroughly. Many other features were added.


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