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iCaption is a soft subtitle editor, utilizing timeline based editing. Soft subs are files stored separately from the video file, rendered in real-time as the video plays. iCaption is extremely simple to use and allows you to create, open, edit, and save SubRip and YouTube files.

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  •  16 Apr 2014 22:45

Release Notes: Fixes a bug from 2.4.0 where loading subtitles previously made would result in bad times on systems with region settings using ‘.’ as a number separator and ‘,’ as a decimal separator.

  •  29 Mar 2014 06:53

Release Notes: This release fixed offsets in video seeking using markers and a couple of crashes. A rendering artifact in waveform visualization when playing audio segments out of order was fixed.

  •  20 Mar 2014 10:40

    Release Notes: The audio and video core of iCaption has been re-written to take advantage of OSX 10.9 Mavericks' AVFoundation, dropping support for earlier versions of OS X. Drag and drop support was added along with a quicker way to add subtitles immediately after the current. The new AllSubs search API is now used.

    •  07 Apr 2013 16:15

    Release Notes: This feature release improves preview/pause shortcuts, adds trackpad support, and adds the ability to insert subtitle start and end markers in real time while the video is playing (a feature requested by industry workers).

    •  30 Nov 2012 21:49

    Release Notes: This release includes mostly bugfixes, a more flexible timeline size, and online translation search capabilities from


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