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Citrix WinFrame/MetaFrame ICA Client

The Citrix WinFrame/MetaFrame ICA client is the Linux client for the Citrix ICA protocol used to communicate with a Citrix WinFrame or MetaFrame server. You need this client if you wish to attach and use a Citrix remote desktop server.


Recent releases

  •  12 Jul 2006 06:23

    Release Notes: A large number of new features and bugfixes, along with some security fixes.

    •  28 Sep 2000 22:30

      Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement; updates from 3.0.97 include initial security support and high color remote desktops.

      Recent comments

      19 Oct 2002 12:13 tarzeau

      email doesn't work, no clients for sparc,powerpc...
      how can citrix be contacted?

      i do have linux, on sparc and powerpc, however there's no
      citrix ica client for my platforms. will you change this
      soon, if ever?

      animated graphics hang the citrix client completely!


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