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PHP iAddressBook

PHP iAddressBook is a Web-based address book for a single user. It supports personal or business cards (tons of fields), spotlight-like search, categories, transparent vCard import/export, multi-language support, design templates, and an intuitive interface. It aims at 100% compatibility with the address book in Mac OS X.


Recent releases

  •  21 Feb 2012 21:35

    Release Notes: This release adds support for PHP 5.3 (removing deprecation messages). It fixes a bug in the birthday reminder when birthdays were not shown correctly around year end. It changes

    •  26 May 2008 20:45

      Release Notes: The two biggest achievements are the automatic installer and the new XML-RPC API interface. Many minor bugfixes have been made. In birthday reminder, if there are no birthdays in the future but at least one in the past, the birthday 'none' label is now displayed. File creation modes have been fixed. The config setting $conf['fmode'] now has effect whenever a file is created. Image handling has been improved by replacing proc_open with popen, which should work better with restrictive PHP settings. Image resizing when using GD to convert photos has been added. Bulgarian and Hungarian language files have been added.

      •  16 Apr 2008 08:52

        Release Notes: Contact photos are no longer saved inside the database but in a separate folder. Photo export in vCards was fixed for Apple AddressBook in Mac OS X. The search field and sort function were improved. Names beginning with non-ASCII characters (like öäüéèà) are now sorted correctly. The edit template was improved. Adding details such as phone numbers as well as custom labels is now much fancier than ever before. Birthday reminders, a "Remember Me" feature, and vCard mass import through the filesystem were added. Slovak, Russian, Czech, Swedish, and Indonesian translations were added.

        •  12 Jan 2007 14:38

          Release Notes: This release adds Skype support, advanced access controls, an alphabet to quickly filter contacts that begin with the same letter, custom labels for phone numbers, email messages, URLs, related names, and instant messaging handles, an option to change the image format in vCard exports, and support for phonetic firstname/lastname (for Japanese users). It improves importation of non-RFC-compliant vCards. The contact list can now be divided into several subpages. The search function now supports multiple keywords.

          •  20 Oct 2006 15:08

            Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with PEAR.php not being found, adds CSV and LDIF exportation, improves the category layout in the default template, improves vCard importation, and adds a Portuguese translation.


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