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  •  14 Jul 2010 09:58

Release Notes: This release contains several bugfixes, a new Dutch translation, and completion of the German translation. As always, users are encouraged to upgrade. Usability was improved and performance, security, and reliability were increased. The network has grown considerably in the past 18 months.

  •  09 Jun 2010 14:22

    Release Notes: This release contains the usual collection of bug fixes and performance tweaks. There are also some i2psnark improvements and more fixes for plugins.

    •  28 Apr 2010 09:11

      Release Notes: This release contains several changes and bug fixes to improve performance. It also includes improvements for the plugin support that was introduced in the last release. The new, smaller tunnel build message is enabled, to reduce overhead and increase build success.

      •  16 Mar 2010 21:51

        Release Notes: This release contains support for user-generated plugins. These plugins may contain console Web applications, themes, translations, or standalone programs. Some plugins are already available for testing. This support should hopefully enable rapid development of innovative i2p applications. The release fixes the blank-page bug when an eepsite is not reachable, and also improves handling of clock skews and IP changes. It adds support for a new, smaller tunnel build message that will be tested in this release and enabled in the next release.

        •  17 Feb 2010 16:00

          Release Notes: This release fixes several issues, some related to clocks, which prevented new routers from quickly integrating into the network. It also fixes the installer for 64-bit Windows. This release includes an update to Jetty 5.1.15 to fix a vulnerability.

          •  22 Jan 2010 18:20

            Release Notes: 0.7.10 closes some recently-discovered vulnerabilities related to the way routers communicate with floodfill peers. Network database stores and verifies are moved from exploratory to client tunnels, and are encrypted. Also, to improve anonymity, a router's fast peer set is now limited to a maximum of 30. This release also fixes a bug which caused Windows installations to fail when the install or user path contained a "\r" or a "\n".

            •  13 Jan 2010 21:58

              Release Notes: This release fixes several long-standing bugs causing message corruption. Network performance should improve once it is widely deployed. There are other changes that should help router reachability and tunnel build success rates. The release also includes additional translation support and a full Russian translation.

              •  09 Dec 2009 07:11

                Release Notes: This version contains initial support for router console translations and changes to the floodfill system which lay the foundation for supporting large growth in the network. To prevent easy blocking of I2P by malicious firewalls, the release randomizes the I2P port for new installs. For existing installs, please help those who are vulnerable to blocking by changing UDP from 8887 to a random port on and adjusting your firewall if necessary. The release also contains more changes to reduce memory and CPU usage and a large assortment of bugfixes.

                •  12 Oct 2009 21:43

                  Release Notes: This release contains several anonymity improvements. The use of session keys for crypto was completely reworked, and I2PSnark now uses its own tunnels for tracker communication. Work continues on improving the router console. Work also continues on increasing speeds by reducing the number of session keys transferred, by improving the methods of dropping messages during overload, and by reducing drops by high-bandwidth routers.

                  •  18 May 2009 20:38

                    Release Notes: A patch to I2P's internal web server Jetty is included to correct SusiDNS behaviour on Windows. The way I2P nodes volunteer to participate in the Network Database is changed to avoid too many doing this simultaneously, and creation of new participating tunnels is now throttled before messages in existing tunnels start to get dropped. Multiple improvements to the Router Console and other components are included, I2PSnark can handle bigger torrents and more files, while work continues on the experimental desktop interface.


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