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i-MSCP (Internet Multi Server Control Panel) is a powerful control panel that makes it easy to manage shared hosting environments without any human intervention on the server file system.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

1.1.0-beta1 released 01 Jul 2012 10:34

It's with great pleasure that we announce the immediate availablity of i-MSCP 1.1.0-beta1, which is our first BETA of the next release 1.1.0. This release addresses the following issues: Enhancements: ------------------------------------- - Switching to Roundcube as Webmailer - Fixed #157: Enhancement - Relaying Domains - Fixed #163: Enhancement - Add Support for Roundcube Mail (or switch from Squirrel) - Fixed #213: Enhancement - Bruteforce component - login attemps - Fixed #313: Enhancement - Some improvements on postfix's - Fixed #322: Enhancement - Add possibility to delete more then only one eMail Adress - Fixed #337: Enhancement - Add possibility to edit per user mail quotas - Fixed #368: Enhancement - Add custom TXT DNS resource records - Fixed #387: Enhancement - php.ini modifications to allow the usage of roundcube - Fixed #429: Enhancement - TXT entries should allow * as a valid character Updates: ------------------------------------ GUI: Tools: - Updated PhpMyAdmin to version 3.5.1 - Updated AjaxPlorer to 4.2.0 - Updated Roundcube to 0.7.2 Bugfixes: ------------------------------------- Tickets: - Fixed #17: Feature - Send mail if quota reached - Fixed #402: Task - Ajaxplorer - Not Compatible with php 5.4 - Fixed #403: Defect - Hosting Plan Secure Code doesn't work - Fixed #404: Defect - Missing translations - Fixed #405: Bug - Custom message for maintenance mode is always overridden - Fixed #408: Defect: warning: unused parameter: smtpd_override_options=no_address_mappings - Fixed #413: Defect: dovecot quota config inconsistent - Fixed #415: Defect - mailbox catchall catching everything.. not what it should.. - Fixed #421: Defect: Adding email account not IDN compatible - Fixed #423: Malfunction: Ticket-Summary at Reseller-Overview - Fixed #424: BUG: After deleting alias domain the ftp accounts of this domain still exist - Fixed #427: Malfunction: DNS Servernames not IDN compatible stored in database - Fixed #432: Awstats static configuration generated when awstats dynamic is enabled - Fixed #440: Broken installer after External email servers commit - Fixed #445: Disabling domain and panel's backups does not work - Fixed #447: External mailserver relay_domains - Fixed #452: View Support Ticket and a lot more ... Furthermore, several bugs and security issues were fixed, and all languages files were synchronized with the last available versions on Transifex. To learn more about bugs and other issues fixed in this release, please consult the CHANGELOG. We would like to remind you that this version should not be used in a production environment, and that any bugs found should be reported on our issues tracker. Feel free to test this new version and get in touch with us about any improvement that you would like see integrated.

Recent releases

  •  08 Feb 2014 07:32

    Release Notes: Many new features and rewritten code.

    •  01 Jul 2012 10:33

      Release Notes: This release switches Webmailer from Squirrel to Roundcube, adds External Mailserver, and fixes many bugs.

      •  23 Mar 2012 08:12

        Release Notes: This is a stable release.

        •  16 Mar 2012 08:34

          Release Notes: This release adds support for Oneiric Ocelot, replaces net2ftp with ajaxplorer, and adds a lot of bugfixes.

          •  10 Feb 2012 06:35

            Release Notes: Only bugfixes over


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