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Hypre is a library of high performance preconditioners that feature parallel multigrid methods for both structured and unstructured grid problems. It is part of a project intended to develop scalable algorithms and software for solving large, sparse linear systems of equations on parallel computers.

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Recent releases

  •  15 Nov 2011 22:06

    Release Notes: This release adds an Auxiliary-space Divergence Solver (ADS), a redundant coarse-grid solve option to BoomerAM, and a Euclid preconditioner option to the Fortran interfaces for the ParCSR Krylov solvers. It extends the AMS and ADS solvers to support (arbitrary) high-order H(curl) and H(div) discretization methods. It updates and refines some of the examples. There are assorted bugfixes.

    •  31 Jan 2011 18:42

      Release Notes: This release changes the Fortran interface to use a Fortran MPI communicator. It adds a new version of the l1-SGS smoother in BoomerAMG. It relaxes the power-of-two restrictions for the PFMG and SysPFMG solvers. It fixes some OpenMP problems in the Struct and SStruct code. There are several bugfixes related to the new SetSharedPart() and FEM() routines. New smoothers have been added to BoomerAMG (Chebyshev, FCF-Jacobi, and CG) and AMS (Chebyshev). Some performance improvements have been made to the implementation of the assumed partition algorithm used in SStruct. There are assorted bugfixes.

      •  06 Sep 2008 20:31

        Release Notes: Two additional Krylov solvers were added: Flexible GMRES and LGMRES. SuperLU was updated to version 3.0. Relaxation options in AMS were improved. Absolute convergence tolerance stopping criteria was added to GMRES, CG, and BiCGStab. Error checking was updated for CG and BiCGStab. Two new solver types were added to AMS: a Hiptmair-like smoother and one based on a block 4x4 coarse-grid matrix. The use of Euclid as a smoother in BoomerAMG was improved. Nodal interpolation schemes were added to BoomerAMG for systems problems. Bugs were fixed.

        •  21 Oct 2007 10:12

          Release Notes: The FEI block preconditioner was renovated. The CGC and CGC-E coarsening algorithms were added. Several new solver types were added to AMS and the AMS/FEI integration was improved. Handling of the relative change test in GMRES was improved. The weights for Struct and SStruct weighted Jacobi were improved. A "make check" target that does a simple code verification test was added. Truncation for interpolation according to the number of elements was added to the ParCSR Hybrid AMG Solver. The hypre fei implementation was renovated for use in ARES.

          •  21 Dec 2006 02:25

            Release Notes: Fixes and updates to documentation to bring it up to date. Minor cleanups.


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