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  •  05 Dec 2010 08:49

    Release Notes: This release contains several bugfixes, documentation updates, and the long awaited support for HyenaeFE (a Qt based frontend). The frontend is now part of all Hyenae binary package releases but also can be downloaded separately from its project page on

    •  29 Nov 2010 13:07

      Release Notes: Send delay, fixed byte padding on ARP attacks, and attack assistant usage comparison were fixed. The documentation was updated.

      •  04 Sep 2010 17:48

        Release Notes: Bugs were fixed. The documentation was updated. The command line usage information was extended. A memory leak patch was applied.

        •  01 Oct 2009 07:37

          Release Notes: Bugs and build warnings were fixed and the documentation was updated. Cisco HSRP-Hello, HSRP-Coup, and HSRP-Resign support was added. The attack blocking handler, attack parameter structure, and default value assignment were refactored. Opcode (code) arguments were made optional. A DNS patch was applied and DNS query URL format validation was removed. Cisco HSRP active router hijacking was added to the attack assistant. The daemon now binds to every capable network interface by default.

          •  14 Sep 2009 12:02

            Release Notes: Bugs were fixed. The documentation was updated. The debian run script was added. PPPoE-Discover support was added. PPPoE session initiation flood was added to attack assistant. Blind PPPoE session termination was added to attack assistant. The -l argument now lists interface descriptions instead of names (Windows).

            •  31 Aug 2009 19:35

              Release Notes: This release has bugfixes and fixes for build warnings. It adds ICMPv6-Echo support, and adds ICMPv6-Echo flood to the attack assistant.

              •  23 Aug 2009 23:06

                Release Notes: This release adds DNS-Query attack support. It adds DNS-Query flood to the attack assistant. It fixes DHCP source/destination pattern randomization.

                •  14 Aug 2009 21:05

                  Release Notes: This release has bugfixes, an improved attack assistant, extended / fixed documentation, a TCP-Land attack in the attack assistant, and an ICMP-Smurf attack in the attack assistant. It changes the daemon max. clients argument (from -C to -m).

                  •  25 Jul 2009 19:18

                  Release Notes: An attack assistant was added. Minor code refactoring was done. The documentation was updated and fixed. Randomization on ARP attacks was made equal for source and sender HW-Address.

                  •  16 Mar 2009 21:10

                    Release Notes: Minor code refactoring. The documentation has been rearranged, extended, and corrected. TCP-based ICMP "Destination Unreachable" support has been added.


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                    A flexible utility and Python module for converting CSV files into HTML tables.


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                    A small scientific/numerical computation library.