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Hydra Slayer

Hydra Slayer is a Roguelike game focused on one thing: slaying Hydras. It is inspired by mathematical puzzles about brave heroes slaying many-headed beasts. Since each weapon can only cut off a specific number of heads (no more, no less), and then the Hydra regrows some of the lost heads, to defeat each Hydra, you need to find the sequence of attacks which kills it in the least number of wounds. Hydra Slayer also features divisor weapons, blunt weapons to stun heads, missiles, and shields, and a number of other magical items which are unique to this game.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Nov 2011 00:00

    Release Notes: The graphical (NotEye) version has been updated with mouse control, graphics, and FPP. An Android version is now available. An auto-explore command was added. Bloody hydras, which are just like normal hydras but with unknown powers, were added. Potions of Knowledge can now provide information about hydras with unknown powers. Some algorithms have been improved for efficiency and clarity. There were some bugfixes and cosmetic changes in the ASCII interface.

    •  22 May 2011 20:54

      Release Notes: Many new special enemies, weapon types (both mundane and artifacts), bugfixes, and improvements. Three geometries to choose from (original, 4-directional for laptop users, or hex).

      •  03 Mar 2011 19:19

        Release Notes: Monsters and weapons have long descriptions now. Several new types of enemies. One new weapon type. Interface improvements. Some bugfixes.

        •  26 Jan 2011 18:39

          Release Notes: A new race and improvements to the old races. Three new weapon types. A better scoreboard. Many balance and bug fixes.

          •  07 Dec 2010 10:36

            Release Notes: There are now four races to choose from, to provide some diversity.


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