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Hydra is a high performance multi-threaded HTTP server. Unlike traditional multi-threaded Web servers, it uses a constant, configurable pool of threads, and each thread can handle several connections by multiplexing the connections. This is even better than non-blocking servers, since Hydra will use every available CPU in a multi-CPU system. It also has features such as host-based virtual hosting, HTTP 1.1 features, CGI 1.1, SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, and more. Hydra was based on the Boa Web server.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  15 Mar 2006 11:03

Release Notes: This release fixes the --disable-smp option, and allows hydra to be used as a boa with SSL. It also removes support for HIC internal modules.

  •  04 Nov 2003 16:47

Release Notes: This version features better large file support, support for the new gnutls, and several other bugfixes.

  •  20 Jan 2003 09:12

Release Notes: This release adds DefaultCharset and MaxSSLConnections configuration directives, a fix for a bug in KeepAlive usage in HTTP/1.1, and some optimizations in HTTP header parsing.

  •  08 Jan 2003 10:46

Release Notes: This release adds several fixes to comply with HTTP/1.1, configuration directive CGIAction (which allows associating scripts with an executable), and an init script for Red Hat.

  •  17 Dec 2002 08:22

Release Notes: A bug in Keep-Alive mode when SSL was enabled was corrected. An unexpected timeout in the first connection on an idle server was fixed.


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An image viewer and organizer.


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Canari Framework

A Maltego rapid transform development framework.