Version 3.4.3 of husk-scheme

Release Notes: This release updates (let-syntax) and (letrec-syntax) to prevent conflicts between identifiers of the same name in the outer scope and within the macro body. It modifies (append) to accept an arbitrary number of arguments, per R5RS. It replaces the macro for (case) with the one from R5RS.

    Other releases

    •  26 Feb 2014 03:29

      Release Notes: This release improves R7RS library support, adds support for in-memory I/O buffers, allows "begin" to splice definitions into the enclosing scope, and adds a new commandline option to huski.

      •  25 Dec 2013 00:43

        Release Notes: This release includes an online User Manual based on R7RS that documents the Scheme and Haskell APIs and explains the Scheme language as implemented by Husk. In addition, many smaller fixes and enhancements are included.

        •  14 Nov 2013 23:57

          Release Notes: This release improves R7RS support and includes an updated parser that understands Unicode hex values and an expanded set of named characters, cond-expand syntax to statically expand different expressions depending upon whether features are present in the Scheme implementation, and new syntax/functions, including letrec*, syntax-error, include, unless, when, nan?, finite?, infinite?, exact-integer?, exact?, inexact?, square, boolean=?, symbol=?, read-line, flush-output-port, and eof-object. In addition, a library was added to compute simple random numbers.

          •  21 Oct 2013 21:32

            Release Notes: This release provides many enhancements to improve support for r7rs, including command line flags to start in r7rs mode, r7rs standard libraries, extensions to syntax-rules, and the addition of many procedures to round out the sequence operations.

            •  14 Aug 2013 21:37

              Release Notes: Significant enhancements have been made to the huski REPL in this release, including support for running Scheme scripts from the shell per SRFI 22 and tab completion for Scheme variables and special forms. This release also includes the (scheme time) library from R7RS and the ability to make system calls from a husk program using the (system) command.


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