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Version 2009.2.0 of hugin


Release Notes: Experimental hardware accelerated stitching has been introduced, in order to use multiple cores and GPU performance. Typical settings for common external control point creators are now provided. The user can add new creators, and they can be switched at any time. An extra stitching mode has been added which groups photos with similar exposures and blends them into "layers", and subsequently "exposure fuses" these layers into a final panorama. Visual control points have been added to the Fast Preview window. EXIF metadata display can now be displayed. The versioning scheme has been modified to reflect stability.

Other releases

Release Notes: The lensfun library for reading and writing lens parameters from/to a database was integrated. A new "pto_gen" tool for the generation of pto files from image files was added. Various improvements were made to "cpfind". An option to keep exposure fused stacks was added. "pano_modify" gained an HDR autocrop option. There were many other improvements and bugfixes.

Release Notes: A vertical feature detection tool for automatic leveling of panoramas was added. The Fast Preview window can now show composition guides such as Rule of Thirds and Golden ratio. The output of High Dynamic Range (HDR) images was modified to prevent clipping of the exposure in EXR format images. The batch processor PTBatcherGUI was extended. Many more improvements and bugfixes were made.

  •  04 Oct 2011 21:45

Release Notes: A Python scripting interface and a Python plugin interface were added. A new lens calibration tool was implemented. Several other improvements were made.

Release Notes: The built-in Control Points Generator was significantly improved, especially for wide angle (> FOV 65°) images, fisheye images, and rotated images. An Overview pane was added to the Fast Preview window. It is now possible to drag individual images or arbitrary groups of images onto the panosphere in the fast preview. A new gray point picker was added for visual white balance correction. Further improvements and minor bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: The control points generator cpfind was added, making hugin feature-complete. Unattended (batch) operation was improved. Interactive usage was improved with background loading of photos, a clearer Stitcher tab, hints in the Preview window, and better UI guideline compliance. The creation of the stitching Makefile was improved and cleaned up through the use of a new library. Further improvements were made. Many bugs were fixed.


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