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  •  29 Sep 2008 06:38

Release Notes: Files with missing reference in cache are no longer redownloaded. Multiple download of error pages was fixed. A double request issued to update a broken file was fixed. A number of parsing problems were fixed, such as overly aggressive parsing of JavaScript "url=" expressions, a binary detection corrupting downloaded files, and binary real media files and related files being parsed as HTML. The --urllist option was also fixed, along with the "pause" option, which is now faster to pause a mirror. Other build-related issues and some code cleanup were also done.

Release Notes: A problem in which multiple downloading of error pages slowed down the mirroring process was fixed. A double request is issued to update broken files. The display bug which presented the "link is probably looping" message was fixed. Missing library references at build time and other build related problems were fixed.

  •  16 Jun 2007 12:43

Release Notes: This release fixes previous 3.40 issues such as bogus background download, major memory usage bugs, local file naming bugs, broken, and several fixes for FreeBSD.

Release Notes: More engine improvements were made along with many fixes, including background download system fixes, MIME type handling improvements, and much better redirect handling (with direct link mapping or external link rule matching).

  •  10 Apr 2004 13:00

Release Notes: A major bug in the handling of CSS and JS files was fixed: external JS and CSS files were not parsed at all. Infinite loops with local crawls with file:// URLs was fixed. An overflow in unzip.c was fixed. Other minor bugs were fixed.

  •  13 Mar 2004 02:26

Release Notes: This release can crawl .m3u and .aam files, fixed the broken ftp:// and file:// engine, and fixed broken cookie handling, various JavaScript bugs, configure script problems, keep-alive consistency issues, and many other parsing problems. New categories were included along with a new cache format (ZIP file).

  •  01 Feb 2002 06:02

Release Notes: This release includes several fixes concerning fatal IO/socket error with large sites and bogus HTTP-referer with protected sites. The 'K4' option now works, the option --continue+URL(s) now clears previous URLs, and there are fixes for various parsing bugs. Several new options have also been added.

  •  17 Dec 2001 06:40

Release Notes: Bugs fixed in this version include broken pipes on the Linux version, a command-line version bug with gzipped files, crashes when reaching compressed error pages or when showing stats, bogus HTML-escaped characters in query strings, skipped files, problems with URLs/redirects containing spaces, quotes, or tilde.

  •  08 Oct 2001 04:09

Release Notes: HTTP compression is now supported, crashes when showing stats (div by zero), and a corrupted top index were fixed.

  •  19 Sep 2001 14:10

Release Notes: Crashes with HTTP redirects to files without type have been fixed. This release also includes a new rate limiter (should be much sharper), code cleanup, and new htscore.c/httrack.c files for more simple library use.


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