Version 3.20RC3 of HTTrack/WebHTTrack

Release Notes: This pre-release introduces HTTPS (SSL) support, using the OpenSSL libraries, IPV6 compatibility (if available), and various improvements. The code has been cleaned up, and should be compatible with most 32 and 64-bit systems. Other fixes concern FTP bugs, various crashes with compressed HTTP responses, and the top index that was badly generated.

Other releases

  •  15 Apr 2013 21:58

    Release Notes: A major issue has been fixed, causing random closing of files/sockets descriptors, leading to "zip_zipWriteInFileInZip_failed" assertion, "bogus state" messages, or random garbage in downloaded files. Charset issues, new HTML 5 tags, and UNC path handling on Windows were improved. The build process has been cleaned up, too.

    •  23 Jun 2012 16:35

      Release Notes: Unicode filename handling has been added. Multiple update/continue bugs leading to file re-transfer or erased files have been fixed, among with other engine issues, such as a simultaneous number of connection which was too low, escaping of non-ASCII characters during requests, JavaScript parsing errors, and build inconsistencies on *nix.

      •  17 Mar 2012 13:38

        Release Notes: When gently interrupting an update/continue mirror session, previously downloaded content should not be deleted now, and another bug related to re-transfer of previously downloaded data (especially redirect/error pages) has also been fixed.

        •  29 Jan 2012 20:43

          Release Notes: Minor security fixes (malformed formats, uninitialized variables) to build with hardened flags. Clever ^C handling (now finish pending transfers and exit).

          •  28 Feb 2011 15:11

            Release Notes: A horrible bug in which files were randomly corrupted during updates was fixed. The cryptic engine messages that this bug caused were "engine: warning: entry cleaned up, but no trace on heap" and "Unexpected 412/416 error".


            Project Spotlight


            Usable configuration management.


            Project Spotlight


            A French conjugation system.