RSS All releases of HTML Forms generation and validation

  •  27 Mar 2014 22:10

    Release Notes: This release fixes the encoding of non-ASCII characters in PHP 5.4 or later. It also adds support to output list select inputs as hidden. It fixes the CRUD plugin when creating, updating, and deleting entries. The scaffolding plugin avoids displaying messages depending on the read option being enabled, fixes the position of checkboxes and radio buttons, and avoids displaying error messages for invalid fields without an error message.

    •  10 Jan 2013 03:37

      Release Notes: This release adds a new plugin to simplify the implementation of CRUD interfaces using data source objects, a new CAPTCHA plugin which uses ReCaptcha, improvements to several plugins like the paged layout, vertical layout, and scaffolding, and fixes for many small bugs.

      •  07 Feb 2011 08:21

        Release Notes: This release provides a new set of plug-in files to integrate with the Smarty 3 PHP template engine.

        •  11 Nov 2010 11:39

          Release Notes: This update release includes several improvements like support for changing the HTML or text of input button labels, the ability to remain on the current listing page after updating or deleting an entry of a scaffolding plug-in listing, the ability to preset the validation text of a CAPTCHA input, and support for changing the current page of the paged layout plugins. ereg functions are now avoided to prevent deprecated warnings.

          •  12 May 2010 11:16

            Release Notes: This release implements several improvements to the list select, HTML editor, and scaffolding input plug-ins. The map location plug-in example template was updated. The main forms class had a bug fixed to avoid processing forged checkbox values in requests.

            •  29 Dec 2009 09:17

              Release Notes: The Google maps location plug-in was enhanced to support show clusters of custom markers in maps that have too many overlapping markers. The list select plug-in was improved to support multiple selected options. The HTML editor plug-in was enhanced to support template variables that are not mapped to visible page elements. The main forms class was fixed to generate correct JavaScript code for input enable and disable actions.

              •  11 Nov 2009 13:21

                Release Notes: The release introduces the rich select input plug-in that emulates regular select inputs but allows presenting it as a table of rows of HTML data for each select option.

                •  28 Oct 2009 11:12

                  Release Notes: The map location plug-in was improved to find the location of an address entered in a text input by using Google Maps API geocoding support. A bug was fixed in the support for showing AdSense advertising in Google maps.

                  •  22 Oct 2009 14:13

                    Release Notes: Support for showing AdSense advertising in the maps was added to the Google Maps plug-in. A plug-in to edit HTML templates was added to the package.

                    •  26 May 2009 14:07

                      Release Notes: A bug in setting the value of a date input was fixed. The ability to set the tab index and other HTML attributes of the CAPTCHA text input was added. The scaffolding plug-in listing format features were enhanced.


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                      Project Spotlight


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