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ht://Miner is a system for Web usage mining and data warehousing that allows for the discovery of knowledge from data (KDD) regarding usage on the Web, such as unique visitors, sessions, and transactions. This information is then organized in the PostgreSQL RDMBS.

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  •  04 Feb 2007 16:21

Release Notes: This release is another important step towards stability. Several bugs have been fixed and new features have been introduced at all the different levels of the Web usage mining process. A key point is the introduction of a multi-level summarisation framework in the custom data warehouse. This architecture allows the use of a summary navigation system (typical of data warehouses). Support for PostgreSQL 8.2.x has been added. Although it cannot still be considered stable, this version is the best available so far. Its usage for production is recommended.

  •  05 Dec 2006 03:35

Release Notes: This release compiles on G++ 4.x. Doxygen generation was fixed and man pages and a tutorial page were added. The OLTP loader now features automatic index creation. A bug with XML file encoding in the Hierarchy Manager was fixed. The Warehouse loader now includes a Perl script that organizes OLTP data into the first stage warehouse. A '-U' option for updating the UNION views of the facts was added. The Custom Warehouse Framework now has days table management. Location management from the GeoIP library was added.

  •  13 Nov 2006 10:31

Release Notes: This release adds support for PostgreSQL Unix socket connections. A multiple database approach has been transformed into a single database/multiple schemas approach, thanks to PostgreSQL's support of schemas. PostgreSQL 7.x has been abandoned for active development and support in favor of version 8.x. Tablespaces support (PostgreSQL 8.x) has been added. Methods have been added for querying the underlying PostgreSQL database system. Options that perform administrative tasks such as schema creation and (most importantly) tables and indexed creation have been added. This release has a custom warehouse concept.

Release Notes: This release includes a pre-processor for access log files and a processor.


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