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  •  08 Aug 2004 17:42

Release Notes: This release compiles with gcc 3.4.x and has a g++ v3 ABI demangler. A few x86 and PPC disassembler enhancements were added.

  •  20 Mar 2004 03:19

Release Notes: Small bugs in the file-handling code, the expression evaluator, and the x86-disassembler were fixed.

  •  11 Nov 2003 22:21

Release Notes: This release includes minor bugfixes for COFF and Java class files, and a "block operations" fix.

  •  05 Jul 2003 08:25

Release Notes: Key-handling bugs under POSIX have been fixed.

  •  29 Dec 2002 08:15

Release Notes: Some minor, mostly Windows bugs were fixed.

  •  29 Jul 2001 17:34

Release Notes: This release prefixes genericdrawbuf methods with "b_" to avoid macro problems on some systems (printf on hppa), and will now compile with gcc 3.0.

  •  10 Jun 2001 10:13

Release Notes: This release compiles on FreeBSD, edit word/dword tags work again, and 386-specific debug code has been removed.

  •  07 Jun 2001 12:28

Release Notes: Addition of a missing file in the last release and 3 bugfixes.


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Extensions providing additional features for Dolphin's right click menu in KDE.


Project Spotlight


A weather logging application.