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PHP interface to ht://Dig

This is a PHP class which interfaces with the ht://Dig programs, allowing you to index and search Web pages from PHP. It is able to setup a suitable configuration file from a few user-defined parameters, index Web pages to build the search databases, and search the indexed database to capture the matches into a PHP data structure ready to be used to display the results in a PHP-generated page.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Feb 2005 10:21

    Release Notes: The search page example was fixed to make it work even when PHP register_globals option is off. All example scripts were changed to use the same configuration script. A README file was added to explain some details about the steps for generating a suitable Ht:/Dig configuration file, crawling a site, and implementing a site search page.

    •  12 Feb 2004 11:03

      Release Notes: This version adds a documented example of how to enable secure search. It is modified to avoid passing arguments explicitly by reference, and to remove use of the PHP short open tag.

      •  27 Mar 2002 21:13

        Release Notes: This release has a secure search option to make it work with recent versions of htsearch that do not allow custom configurations to be used from the CGI interface. An option has been added to specify the path of the htsearch program, which may differ from that of the of htdig program. The htdig automatic version detection algorithm before indexing has been improved.

        •  04 Sep 2000 02:32

          Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.

          Recent comments

          12 Feb 2004 07:20 mlemos

          Re: Cannot download without a login

          > You can't download this software without
          > a login. This goes against the spirit
          > of the BSD license, I think.

          Licenses only express how the copyright holder (usually the author) authorizes his software to be used or distributed.

          I am the author. I distribute it the way I want. I want that this site to require that the users be subscribed so it can keep track of who downloaded this package.

          This way, whenever the I update this package with fixes or new features, every user will be notified by e-mail, except for those users that explicitly tell that they do not want to receive notifications in their user options pages.

          This helps reducing the time spent providing support to users. What happens is that many users ask for new features or solutions of problems that were already implemented in the latest version that I upload to the site. If they are not warned somehow, they will not know.

          The updated package notifications that the site sends automatically for me is a good solution for this problem. Therefore, the requirement to login is important to me as an author.

          12 Feb 2004 05:48 dskoll

          Cannot download without a login
          You can't download this software without a login. This goes against the spirit of the BSD license, I think.


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