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The ht://Dig system is a complete WWW indexing and searching system for a domain or intranet. This system is not meant to replace the need for internet-wide search systems like Lycos, Infoseek, Google, and AltaVista. Instead, it is meant to cover the search needs for a single company, campus, or even a particular sub-section of a Web site.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  14 Jun 2004 23:59

Release Notes: Several bugs were fixed and some speed improvements were made. This release is considered stable enough for most production uses.

  •  11 Nov 2003 22:10

Release Notes: This release should fix all bugs in previous releases and introduces a few new features.

  •  01 Feb 2002 15:19

Release Notes: This release includes a variety of bugfixes, including fixing all known security problems in older versions. It adds some frequently requested features and has updated, improved documentation. It is recommended as an update for all users.

Release Notes: This third beta release of 3.2 offers several long-awaited features and should fix all bugs in previous 3.2 releases. It adds features to eliminate duplicate documents, restrict searches by date, enhanced URL rewriting, support for the NNTP protocol and for indexing local directories and fixes scoring bugs, bugs in the new configuration parser and bugs in the new rexep matching for indexing, among many others.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

Release Notes: This version adds more functionality and should fix all known bugs in the previous 3.2.0b1 release, including the security hole fixed in version 3.1.5 in production versions. As with 3.2.0b1, if you are upgrading from a previous version, you should read the upgrade guide first.


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Query Interface

A Wordpress plugin for running database queries in the admin panel.


Project Spotlight


A lightweight multi-arch, multi-platform disassembly framework.