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HSH is designed to let you mix and match shell expressions with Haskell programs. With HSH, it is possible to easily run shell commands, capture their output or provide their input, and pipe them to or from other shell commands and arbitrary Haskell functions at will.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  11 Apr 2008 01:11

Release Notes: Support was added for ByteStrings and lazy ByteStrings for many operations.

  •  16 Jan 2008 08:30

Release Notes: Updates were masde for new GHC 6.8 and MissingH. Cleanups were done throughout the code. The wcW function was added.

  •  12 Jul 2007 14:08

Release Notes: Debian updates.

  •  03 Mar 2007 14:32

Release Notes: catFromS was renamed to echo.

  •  03 Mar 2007 14:32

Release Notes: Various fixes and a few new ShellEquivs commands were added.


Project Spotlight


A document viewer for PostScript, PDF, TIFF, DjVu, and other formats.


Project Spotlight

Imperialism Remake

A remake of the classic strategy game Imperialism.