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Conexant HSF (softmodem) driver

This package contains generic Linux drivers for the Conexant (formerly Rockwell) Softmodem HSF modem family, which are used by many modem and computer system manufacturers. They should work on most current Linux distributions, based on the 2.4.x kernels. A Pentium processor with the MMX enhancements is required. Some systems may require kernel recompilation with special ACPI patches. Preemptible kernels are not yet supported.

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  •  10 Sep 2003 20:21

Release Notes: Some bugs with the RELAYS settings were corrected. The "rpmlib(PartialHardLinkSets)" dependency problem was fixed.

Release Notes: A significant overhaul was done during the Spring and Summer of 2003, greatly improving modem stability, compatibility, and features. V.92, Caller ID, and FAX (Class 1/1.0) support were added. Support for 2.6 kernels was added. NVM/.inf handling was completely redesigned. Multiple device instances are now supported, which means that more than one modem can be handled by the driver. SMP support was improved, and preemptible kernels should now work. Debian support was improved, and .deb packaging was added (make debdist).

Release Notes: Support for newer kernels has been added. The FAQ has been updated. RPM packages are now signed. New code from Conexant has been merged. There are many bugfixes.

No changes have been submitted for this release.

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14 Jul 2004 14:17 raettchen3 Thumbs down

Not useful
Using Debian for PowerPC this semi-closed-source is not useful at all for me. Another intel-centric driver.

09 Sep 2003 13:29 kohtala Thumbs down

It has a price
One change that was not mentioned is that there is now a price tag of 14.95$ to go beyond 14400bps.


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