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HPC Challenge is a collection of benchmarks for measuring various aspects of system performance, such as flop/s, sustainable memory bandwidth, memory read/write rates, network bandwidth, and latency for parallel machines. It is designed for supercomputers, but will run on any computer with MPI-1 (Message Passing Interface) implementation and BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Mar 2011 22:07

    Release Notes: This release added optimized variants of RandomAccess that use Linear Congruential Generator for random number generation. Global reduction was added to error calculation in MPI FFT to achieve more accurate error estimates. The order of benchmarks was rearranged so that the HPL component runs last and may be aborted if the performance of other components was not satisfactory. RandomAccess is now first to assist in tuning the code. Assorted bugs were fixed.

    •  16 Jul 2009 23:15

      Release Notes: This is a bugfix release that fixes two bugs that were introduced in version 1.3.0. The bugs were in PTRANS and FFT components of the code. The version of HPL was updated. The 32-bit pseudo random number generator (PRNG) was replaced with a 64-bit one. Three numerical checks of the solution residual were replaced with a single one. Support was added for 64-bit systems with large memory sizes. A limit on FFT vector size was introduced so they fit in a 32-bit integer (which is only applicable when using FFTW version 2).

      •  27 Jun 2007 15:52

        Release Notes: This version contains many bugfixes, major features, and minor enhancements, many of which were contributed by users. The major focus of this release was to improve accuracy of the reported performance results and ensure scalability of the code on the largest supercomputer installations with hundreds of thousands of computational cores.

        •  20 Jun 2005 02:23

          Release Notes: The following features were added: simplified and/or automatic configuration, OpenMP support added to FFT and RandomAccess, time-bound in MPI-RandomAccess, parallel verification in MPI-RandomAccess, and enhanced and improved reporting of results.

          •  11 Nov 2004 01:39

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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