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Hotwire is an object-oriented hypershell. It is a shell designed for systems programming (files, processes), and thus it is in the same conceptual category of software as the Unix shell/terminal and Windows PowerShell. The goal of the Hotwire project is to create a better systems programming shell than both Unix and PowerShell. It is called a hyper-shell because Hotwire blends the concepts of a traditional shell with a modern graphical user interface display.


Recent releases

  •  24 Mar 2008 00:07

    Release Notes: This release has an entirely revamped UI. The goal is to be closer to a shell/terminal interface than before, giving more space to the output of commands while still allowing use of the mouse for operations. You can define Hotwire builtins as regular Python functions, but with a decorator.

    •  06 Feb 2008 08:56

      Release Notes: Internal line processing now includes newlines. ~/.bash_history is imported. Non-UTF8 locales can be handled. Sorting is done by the file renderer. The "open" action now works on Windows. The "apply" builtin was added. The "view" builtin was added, which launches an editor in read-only mode. "kill" now optionally takes Process objects as input. "rm" has a new --unlink option to really delete.

      •  25 Jan 2008 13:11

        Release Notes: This is the first alpha release. While it is still in development and a number of things may change, it is expected that significantly more people will find it to be a compelling replacement for a terminal and a shell.

        •  28 Nov 2007 12:01

          Release Notes: Some system commands were changed to open in a new terminal window which does not close when the command exits. Often you want to see the final output of the command after it exits. Examples include "sudo" and "su". Complete commands are only removed after they've been viewed. Command output is significantly faster. UID/GID lookups are cached, which speeds up file listings.

          •  09 Nov 2007 09:49

            Release Notes: Basic input to system commands is now supported (press Ctrl-I). Drag and drop works for files in FilePathRenderer? (ls/cd).

            Recent comments

            20 Oct 2007 16:12 xnc

            Naming issue
            You might want to start thinking about a new name for your project. Microsoft own and, as we all know, MS isn't exactly forgiving when it comes to "intellectual property".


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