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HotSaNIC is a Web-based information center for Unix-based systems. It gives you a graphical overview about certain network- and system statistics. HotSaNIC is programmed (mainly in Perl 5) in a modular way to give you a great flexibility of which items you like to use, and it can be extended with further modules written by yourself or others.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Mar 2004 03:37

    Release Notes: This release fixes bugs causing "not a simple integer" errors with rrdtool 1.0.46, adds new bind, netstat, and mailq modules, adds MD5 checksums, features better Solaris and BSD support, includes enhancements for SENSORS and APCUSV, cleans up internal code, corrects image creation date format, improves the log format for modules, improves the module version report functions, updates all scripts to use / usr/bin/env as the shell magic cookie, converts all diagram scripts to Perl, adds mail capabilities to "", and adds a debug info tool, "".

    •  30 Aug 2003 14:44

      Release Notes: This release adds basic Solaris support, many enhancements, much more SNMP support, and some bugfixes.

      •  27 Dec 2002 13:41

        Release Notes: This release includes more SNMP support, the modules now run as daemons (saves compilation/configuration time), there are OS-dependent libraries for all modules, a fall-back function is included, the was split into functional parts, there is a wrapper script to support old modules, there is sampling via signal handlers, many diagrams scripts were converted to Perl for speed, and the directory structure was cleaned up by creating subdirs "modules", "lib", and "var".

        •  09 Jan 2002 05:49

          Release Notes: Major updates, enhancements, and bugfixes, including new modules for disk throughput and iptables accounting, support for BSD-based systems, SNMP support in the traffic module, and system stats support multi-CPU machines. Setup scripts are available to ease the installation process. THe Web output auto-refreshes. Images in .png format are also supported, byte-based legends may be changed to bit-based ones, and some other neat tuning options exist.

          •  24 Sep 2001 19:58

            Release Notes: Missing directories in the module-subdirs are now being created as they should be. A misbehavior with directories containing spaces has been corrected. Logging-timestamps and logfile backup have been added. A new "data-worms" module exists which counts the accesses caused by worm activities in your Apache logfile.

            Recent comments

            18 Feb 2006 16:59 mvoehringer

            Create Tool
            i love this tool and use it on all my servers. If you want to try it, checkout the code from CVS and dont use HotSaNIC 0.5.0 pre5!


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