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Host is a complete and powerful command-line based DNS query and testing tool. It has many of the same basic features as other similar tools such as nslookup and dig, but it has more extensive testing and test automation features. Host also has a much more standard (i.e. Unix-based) command-line user interface.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Jan 2007 06:58

    Release Notes: This release introduces some minor bugfixes and cleanup to the address/hostname verification (host -A) code.

    •  18 Jan 2007 00:41

      Release Notes: The main change is primarily an internal one that corrects the way cannonical hostname checking is done such that only pure DNS lookups are done (by avoiding use of the often localized gethostbyname()). This is the first, and perhaps most important, of changes to avoid the get*by*() APIs. The --checkzone option has been fixed. Some minor changes have also been made to make smarter use of the "recursion available" flag in responses. A portability fix was made for NetBSD-3.x and newer (the getnodeby*() APIs normally provided by libbind are silently left out of NetBSD).

      •  13 Aug 2004 01:34

        Release Notes: This release fixes a very minor bug that caused a crash instead of reporting some types of usage errors. The rblookup script has also been updated to remove some stale DNS blacklist zones and to add some new ones.

        •  04 Dec 2003 07:43

          Release Notes: Among others, an issue with the list mode, which was effectively unusable in the previous release, has been resolved, as has a bug that affected initialization of the resolver library with the address of a specified name server. Enhancements have been made to the "parent" option, which causes the application to use the name servers specified in the parent zone.

          •  02 Nov 2003 12:25

            Release Notes: This release fixes a few minor, but annoying, bugs, and improves some of the messages supplied when '-v' and or '-d' are used.


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