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Horrors of Democracy

Horrors of Democracy is a game in which the challenge is to introduce a system of accountability for all citizens before there is a revolution. It uses a simple economic model of the structure of many Western societies and democracy, and personal income and expenditure are modelled over a number of years.

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14 Aug 2012 09:54 LCSand Thumbs down

This is for python 3, maybe that should be added. And this is not realy a game. This is just stupid advertisement.
The only action you can take in this "game" is vote for one of two candidates in election year wich does not have any effect whatsoever and after a few years(or turns) it asks you if you want to implement the advertised scheme(wich is not realy explained in the game). If you do you "win", if not there is a revolution and you "lose". This little program may be a political statement about the USA, but not a game.


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