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  •  03 Feb 2005 07:17

Release Notes: The layout of wrapping menus in Gecko and KHTML based browsers has been improved. Some session handler issues have been fixed. Caching in the Version Control library, used by Chora, has been fixed. Updating of IMAP folder trees when (un)subscribing IMAP folders has been fixed. The performance of the DataTree library, used by IMP's message history, has been improved. The log level of logins and logouts has been changed. The German and Japanese translations have been updated. Some minor bugs and layout issues have been fixed.

  •  06 Jan 2005 20:58

Release Notes: A bug where the left sidebar was being loaded twice has been fixed. Some refresh issues with the sidebar have been fixed.

Release Notes: Two XSS vulnerabilities have been fixed. Folder views in IMP on some IMAP servers, doubled application menus, deletion of identities, and some other minor bugs and layout issues have been fixed. Some problems if no DataTree driver had been specified have been worked around.

Release Notes: New features include full group and permissions support; a robust RFC-compliant MIME API with many new viewers; many i18n improvements, including full charset support; user-customizable portals and themes; shortcut keys for many actions; a DHTML tree menu for applications; XML-based configuration available through your browser; and XML-RPC and SOAP clients and servers. New code APIs were added for form creation and validation, a template engine, a crypt API with support for PGP/GPG and S/MIME, Compress, Image, PDF, History, iCalendar, SyncML, CLI, Version control, NLS, Timer, and SVG.

  •  06 Dec 2004 05:06

Release Notes: A base theme is used now instead of a default theme. Some bugs have been fixed. Some layout and documentation has been updated. The Czech, Dutch, French, German, Lithuanian, Persian, and Traditional Chinese translations have been updated.

  •  01 Dec 2004 05:21

Release Notes: A generic MIME viewer for all text/* MIME types that don't have a custom MIME viewer has been added. The tab with the form field that didn't validate is now automatically shown on submitted forms. Some bugs have been fixed. Some layout and documentation has been updated. Czech, Dutch, and Traditional Chinese translations have been updated.

Release Notes: Page compression for Internet Explorer has been enabled again for versions that don't have compression bugs. IE behavior is now used for handling alpha transparency with PNG images to speed page loading. All menus are now rendered as <ul> tags and formatted with CSS. A file selection field has been added to the Form library that uses the files API. The installation instructions and todo list have been updated.

Release Notes: New features in this release include global personal categories and category colors, access keys, support for forced SSL logins, a dynamically updating and extendable menu tree, identity management in all supported applications, context menus and a table toolbar for the rich text editor, improved theme support, user management if using IMAP authentication and a supported IMAP server, support for removing user data from the backends, a rewritten Cache API, new generic MIME viewers for text/html and message/rfc822 MIME types, fully XHTML compliant links, support for RFC 2231 encoding, and a Persian translation.

  •  26 Oct 2004 06:56

Release Notes: A potential cross-site scripting vulnerability in the help window has been fixed. Compatibility with PHP 4.1 has been restored. The charset for the Latvian translation has been fixed.

  •  26 Sep 2004 20:48

Release Notes: Some database problems with large fields on Oracle and with BLOB fields on PostgreSQL were fixed along with support for custom session handlers. SQL scripts for the Oracle and PostgreSQL session handlers were added. A JavaScript error with the problem reporting feature under some translations was fixed. The user's full name is now shown on the portal page directly after logging in. Trailing spaces are no longer stripped from signature dashes, for example in IMP. The Estonian, German, Portuguese, Slovak, Slovenian, and Spanish translations were updated.


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