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  •  15 Aug 2008 23:41

Release Notes: Update functionality has been added to the setup script.

  •  15 Jun 2008 00:13

Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with unescaped output which is only exploitable by authenticated users. It also includes a number of bugfixes since Horde Groupware 1.1, including fixes for Cache drivers, SQL shares, Preferences, and more. Finally, it includes some new Kolab Group and Preferences drivers.

  •  13 Jun 2008 23:15

Release Notes: Output in the object browser and the add event screen is correctly escaped now. Large messages are rendered correctly with PHP 5.2 again. A Turkish translation for the calendar has been added.

  •  25 May 2008 22:51

Release Notes: An Alarm system that can send email, generate inline notifications, and play sounds for events in any Horde application. Support for read and write databases. Operation when the database is down. Many performance improvements. Several new themes. WCAG 1.0 Priority 2/Section 508 accessibility guidelines compliance. Full Kolab Web client support. Many improvements in the JavaScript and user interface. A new tree view for Help along with keyword search; support for memcache clustering. Many bugfixes and small enhancements.

  •  10 May 2008 21:59

Release Notes: Native SQL drivers for groups and permissions have been added. Blocks can be modified directly from the portal now. Single events can be exported now. More event details are displayed in alarms, iTip messages, and week and day views. Synchronization, PGP and S/MIME support, WebDAV support, IE7, and Kolab support have been improved. The Turkish translations have been completed. Many further bugfixes and improvements have been made.

  •  08 Mar 2008 14:03

Release Notes: An arbitrary file inclusion vulnerability, through abuse of the theme preference, has been fixed.

  •  15 Feb 2008 10:20

Release Notes: This release fixes unchecked access to contacts in the same address book SQL table.

  •  06 Feb 2008 13:22

Release Notes: A privilege escalation in the Horde API and a missing ownership validation on share changes have been fixed. The XSS filtering and the SOAP and JSON-RPC interfaces have been improved. Creation of sub-groups and localization of the WYSIWYG editor have been fixed. The address book, calendar, task list, and notepad management have been improved. Several issues with composite contact fields have been fixed. The listTimeObjects API have been improved. Support for separate read and write databases has been added to the notes module. Many further bugfixes and improvements have been made.

  •  09 Jan 2008 16:52

Release Notes: A privilege escalation in the Horde API has been fixed. A missing ownership validation on share changes has been fixed. The XSS filtering has been improved. Locked portal blocks have been fixed. The webroot detection has been improved further. Finnish, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese translations have been updated. Small bugfixes and improvements have been made.

  •  29 Nov 2007 08:12

Release Notes: A central alarm system was added with email, inline, and sound notifications. Databases can be read and written. Database fallback was added. Performance was improved. Slick new themes were added. Accessibility standards are followed. memcache clustering can be used. Virtual address books were implemented. The default address book schema was improved. LDIF can be imported and exported. iCalendar and vCalendar support were improved. More event recurrence types were added. Holidays are shown in the calendar.


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Webalizer Xtended

A Web server log analysis program, forked from Webalizer.


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A mod player library.