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Version 1.8.3 of Hop

Release Notes: The minor release fixes small glitches including multiple file authentications, bad support for inlined resources, and broken proxy error messages. It also adds a new feature to WEBLETS (the weblet in charge of making weblets easily available on Web), which is now able to automatically generate Web pages.

Other releases

  •  09 Feb 2013 00:09

Release Notes: This is a major release. Its highlights are Zeroconf support, built-in app-store-like package distribution. Android enhancements.

  •  04 Jun 2012 21:05

Release Notes: This is a major release. It is the first version that fully implements the ideas of the multi-tier programming. This can be considered the first stable version of Hop. Upcoming versions will extend the language with new constructs and new libraries, but will also be backward compatible.

  •  24 Jan 2011 11:44

Release Notes: New GUI elements were added. The Android port was enhanced, so it can now access the phone facilities. The programming environment was improved.

  •  06 Jul 2010 06:35

Release Notes: This major release includes multi-tier modules, which are modules that can be used from both the server-side and client-side, new GUI elements (GAUGE, SPINBUTTON, and more), a Mac OS X 10.6 port, and an Android port.

  •  18 Jan 2010 14:44

Release Notes: A new version of the client-side (JavaScript) compiler was used, which improves performance and enhances debugging facilities. New language features were added, such as client and server module blending. New GUI elements were added, such as AUDIO and VIDEO. A new runtime system is used, which improves server side pushes. The Hop native port of the Web server is known to work efficiently on all Linux platforms (including x86, PowerPC, and ARM Maemo), Mac OS X 10.5, and FreeBSD. For other platforms, Hop can be executed using the pre-compiled JVM version.


Project Spotlight


Extensions providing additional features for Dolphin's right click menu in KDE.


Project Spotlight


An XML database and XQuery processor.