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HLA Adventure

HLA Adventure is an adventure game that was written in Randy Hyde's HLA language. It features Mippy, a cute dragon that lives happily in the forests and caves and often comes out during the later part of the day to eat leaves, smoulder decaying trees, and generally romp around like every good dragon should.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Oct 2005 06:15

    Release Notes: Bugfixes were made to a couple of rooms, including the cave under the forest and near the mansion.

    •  20 Aug 2005 20:35

      Release Notes: The included version of Inform was updated with corrections and additions. Bugfixes were made.

      •  02 Jul 2005 09:56

        Release Notes: This release includes a .Z5 version of the game, compatible with Inform, Winfrotz, Frotz, and Glulx. This allows both Windows and Linux users to play the game in Inform, and also allows Macintosh users to play HLA Adventure in an Inform interpreter.

        •  24 Jun 2005 23:38

          Release Notes: Bugfixes to the village shop and play flute command.

          •  05 Jun 2005 11:13

            Release Notes: This release feautures bugfixes, primarily to the "go", "take", and "get" commands. It also adds in a "credits" easter egg, as well as expands the in-game documentation, and includes other small changes to the game/gameplay.


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