Version 0.4.52 of HGL Suite

Release Notes: Bugfixes and improved memory management.

    Other releases

    •  02 Mar 2014 18:11

      Release Notes: Scaling of points, lines, and ellipses has been corrected. Lua functions have been added: createRect, STD_num2hex, and STD_createMultiLine. Bugfixes and improvements in the rendering engine.

      •  22 Feb 2014 12:32

        Release Notes: This release moves the decompiler (the -d switch in the interpreter) into own output plugin, makes svg2hgl refuse svg files which contain unrecoverable invalid IDs, adds an "include" function to import HGLZ files, and makes many bugfixes.

        •  15 Feb 2014 07:28

          Release Notes: This release features lower memory consumption and better performance in the compiler. Compression level can now be set with -z. Truncated JPEG output was fixed. JPEG quality can be set from the command line. The built-in DebugProcedure was fixed along with broken calls to stdlib. New Lua and stdlib procedures were added: date, ddate, wdate, debug, print, and getParameter. Parameter passthrough for procedures was implemented.

          •  01 Feb 2014 23:33

            Release Notes: This release adds a performance improvement at POLY processing for libhgltypes2, overall performance improvements and less memory consumption, and adding of appropriate suffixes to every output file if necessary.

            •  24 Jan 2014 21:01

              Release Notes: This release lets the netpbm image output plugin write both PPM and PAM and increases the performance of the compiler.


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