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Version 2.0beta.9 of HEYU

Release Notes: RF signals from standard X10 remotes and sensors can now be configured to launch scripts or commands directly, thus avoiding the delay inherent in X10 powerline communication.

Other releases

  •  18 Jul 2010 03:03

Release Notes: Major new features in this release are: state flags; increased numbers of common flags, counters, and timers; the ability to launch more than one script per signal; improved handling of inactive sensors; and additional state commands applicable to sensors.

  •  13 Sep 2009 08:56

Release Notes: Support has been added for decoding and processing RF signals from KAKU and HomeEasy remotes and from Electrisave and Owl CM119 sensors. A bug preventing a few RF signal types from launching scripts has been fixed.

  •  21 Apr 2009 15:09

Release Notes: The capability for launching Heyu scripts from the command line has been added so that arbitrary scripts and binaries can have access to the Heyu environment. Web and GUI interface front ends can now retrieve Heyu path and configuration information in user-defined custom formats. Two major bugs have been resolved: the first was a mismatch of script and launch conditions when there was more than one set of launch conditions; the second was a failure of the Heyu Engine daemon to start if Heyu had previously been terminated by a kill signal, as from the "shutdown" command.

  •  06 Apr 2009 03:31

    Release Notes: The ability to specify min and max setpoints for Oregon Scientific relative humidity and barometric pressure sensors has been implemented. Models for several new sensors have been added. A bug in the code for ignoring RF signals from "foreign" sensors has been fixed.

    •  25 Jan 2009 22:49

    Release Notes: A model has been added for the Oregon BWR102 Bathroom Scale, and the model for the Marmitek SD90 Smoke Detector has been modified to enable important features of this module that are disabled with the factory default settings. Minimum and maximum setpoints may now be specified for Oregon temperature sensors. For the convenience of international users, the ability to specify the format of displayed numeric dates has been added. A large number of compiler warnings generated by stricter compiler checking built into GCC in some newer OS distributions have been fixed.


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