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20 Mar 2006 08:39 gjtoth

Absolutely the most reliable and flexible X-10 device controller out there... bar none. Even handles dawn/dusk settings with ease.

20 Mar 2006 08:10 moogagmen

When hopes become reality
What can I say more, all is in this subject.

You are using X10 hardware modules and you need stuff to manage them with command line interface on linux ?

So please, take a seat, try HEYU ... and enjoy.

Thank you Mr Sullivan

28 Aug 2001 14:04 lindes

good stuff!
I bought the relevant hardware a while back, and have been wanting to use it for a while, but I don't run windows, and I was being lazy about finding and/or writing software until now, I find heyu, and it's allowing me to do wonderful new things to my home lighting and such. :-)



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