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HERMES is a Web application framework designed to help provide a rapid application development framework for business tools with an initial focus of CRM (application included). It provides an integrated and flexible approach to business tools, and allows for database abstraction, library models, user rights management, and other critical areas.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Jul 2004 23:18

    Release Notes: A text/html MIME type has been added for file uploads has been fixed. A known issue in the item dispatch popup has been fixed.

    •  22 Apr 2004 17:54

      Release Notes: TODO items can now be delegated and subscribed to arbitrarily. Many bugs relating to concurrent work and ownership have been fixed. File uploads now support a number of additional MIME types, and can be attached to appointments and customers as well.

      •  20 Apr 2004 03:22

        Release Notes: Two bugs related to intervals and timestamps have been fixed. Customerless appointments and file attachements for todo items have been added.

        •  05 Apr 2004 20:43

          Release Notes: A major bug involving reporting of total labor for action items has been fixed. There is a new Web reporting system for labor reporting, though new reports cannot yet be added. New report views for labor have also been added. Action Item labor is now (correctly) of interval type.

          •  02 Apr 2004 18:38

            Release Notes: This release fixes a major bug in 0.3.1 involving appointments not displaying. A new OLAP schema has been added with various labor reporting views. It is now possible to set up To Do/Action Items without an associated customer.

            Recent comments

            14 Jul 2007 21:12 einhverfr

            Community development has ceased
            Please note that community development of this has ceased. Commerical support and bugfixes are still available through Metatron Technology Consulting ( ( and work has begun to port all functionality into LedgerSMB ( ( If anyone is interested in taking over the codebase to revive it, just ask :-)

            Chris Travers


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