Version 1.6 of Hermes JMS Browser

Other releases

  •  28 Feb 2007 07:59

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  07 Jun 2005 03:42

Release Notes: This release focuses on usability improvements and bugfixes. Four dockable toolbars were added for most common actions. Auto-browse browses a queue every few seconds, keeping you informed of any changes. Bugfixes were made in the plugins for WebLogic, JORAM, JBoss, and EMS. A new plugin for SonicMQ was added.

  •  13 Oct 2004 21:06

Release Notes: A JNDI browser was added, letting you browse and then create sessions from the ConnectionFactory instances bound. The administration plugin has been extended for WebSphereMQ, JBossMQ, WebLogicMQ, ArjunaMQ, and ObjectWeb JORAM. Regular expressions may be used to search for messages on queues. Queues and topics may be discovered automatically from supported providers. Queue and topic statistics are now displayed for supported providers. A built-in renderer for FIX messages was added. Messages may now be displayed in hexadecimal.

  •  29 May 2004 01:00

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  29 Apr 2004 02:10

Release Notes: An improved GUI (using JIDE components) and full JNDI support.


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Project Spotlight

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