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hermes Antispam Proxy

hermes is a generic, transparent and multi-platform anti-spam SMTP proxy that uses a combination of techniques (like greylisting, throttling, DNS white/blacklisting, SPF, etc.) to stop spam from reaching your mailbox. Many mailboxes see a 98% spam reduction with no false positives, as hermes is not filtering email based on content, but on strict adherence to the SMTP standards. It's also compatible with most SMTP extensions like STARTTLS (for SSL security) and SMTP-AUTH (for user authentication).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Jul 2007 21:30

    Release Notes: This release fixes a remotely exploitable bug on versions 1.3 to 1.5. Apart from this, no new features have been added or code changed. Everyone is encouraged to update as soon as possible.

    •  19 Jul 2007 14:29

      Release Notes: This release adds wWn32 service support, so hermes can be installed, started, stopped, and uninstalled in the native Windows way. It also fixes the file logger for Windows users and allows permanently rejecting emails. There were also lots of minor bugfixes and corrections.

      •  15 Jun 2007 17:45

        Release Notes: This release adds SPF support (for from authentication), DNS whitelisting (avois greylisting on whitelisted hosts), and a new logging format (logs all connections, even the ones dropped because of throttling, SPF, etc.). It has many new config options and bugfixes. Windows timezones should be correct now, and the file logger has been improved.

        •  18 May 2007 22:17

          Release Notes: With this release the focus has been on the Windows version, with many fixes to resolving, logging, etc. On the Unix front, hermes will now add some RFC-required headers that were missing before.

          •  15 May 2007 21:03

            Release Notes: This release sees the addition of DNSBL list checking, some minor bugfixes, and changes to the web. It includes precompiled and source RPMs.


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