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Hep Message Server

Hep Message Server is software that transfers messages between different messaging systems. Eventually, it should transparently route messages between email, weblogs, and instant messaging. Currently Hep does one thing: fetches news feeds from Web sites and lets you view them in your email client.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Oct 2002 23:24

    Release Notes: The ability to post messages to weblogs from any email program has been added (new to the stable release). All Internet servers and clients have been ported from asyncore/urllib/xmlrpclib to Twisted. There are lots of stability improvements and bugfixes.

    •  29 Aug 2002 16:26

      Release Notes: Mark Pilgrim's rssfinder module is now used to locate newsfeeds. This adds support for's RSS feed database, which means that Hep should be able to find newsfeeds for almost any Web site. Mark Pilgrim's rssparser module is now used for parsing RSS files, which allows for handling messed up RSS feeds, and gets rid of the dependency on Python's XML libraries. The ability to set up message destinations was added, for delivering messages to weblogs. An SMTP server was added for handling outgoing messages. An Inbox view was added to the HTTP server, for viewing messages in a browser.

      •  09 Aug 2002 21:08

        Release Notes: A bug where some messages would be stored in such a way that they appeared to have no message ID has been fixed. There is an autosubscribe feature for community sites using Slash, Virgule, or PHP-Nuke, weblogs that use either a <link> tag or an xml.gif image to point to their RSS feed, and individual diaries on Virgule-powered sites. For these sites, you can give Hep the URL of a page you're interested in and it will automatically set up a message source.

        •  31 Jul 2002 20:32

          Release Notes: This release should fix the 'The socket operation could not complete without blocking' errors people were getting when running Hep on Windows.

          •  26 Jul 2002 18:52

            Release Notes: The GUI from version 0.1 is gone, replaced by Web and POP3 servers that let you configure Hep through your browser, and get messages through your e-mail client.


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