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  •  15 Jul 2007 08:43

Release Notes: A "-P" option has been added to "cpio" that allows you to specify attributes like the file owner when creating an archive. With it, unprivileged users can set arbitrary attributes for files within an archive. Some compilation problems have been fixed, particularly with respect to current Linux distributions.

  •  15 Jan 2007 07:21

Release Notes: "deroff" now handles Heirloom troff extensions. Substitution of specific occurences of patterns in "ed", as in "s/x/y/3", has been fixed. Portability fixes for Mac OS X, FreeBSD 6, NetBSD 3, OpenBSD 3.8, and for building with GNU make 3.81 are included.

  •  18 Nov 2005 13:42

Release Notes: Fixes were made for "getconf", "ps, "rm", and "tr". RPM package builds now depend on the new "Heirloom Development Tools" package.

  •  12 Jun 2005 13:33

Release Notes: Bugs were fixed in traditional regular expression support, and in the 'man', 'shl', 'tail', and 'tar' commands. 'cp' now supports an '-a' option that causes it to create an exact copy of a file hierarchy.

  •  09 Mar 2005 07:48

Release Notes: Changes have been made to chmod, copy, cp, cpio, ed, find, fmt, join, mkdir, mkfifo, od, pax, /usr/ucb/ps, shl, tar, and touch. The value 255 is now accepted in interval expressions in traditional (simple) regular expressions.

  •  23 Jan 2005 05:06

Release Notes: Minor bugs were fixed in "grep", "more", "od", "pg", "ps", and "tr".

  •  06 Jan 2005 09:48

Release Notes: A "-z" option for "grep" is now available to transparently handle input files compressed with "gzip", "bzip2", or "compress". "file" now recognizes UTF-8 encoded text. Fixes were made for "basename", "cmp", "csplit", "ed", "grep", "nl", "od", "pg", "ps", "rm", and "sed".

  •  04 Dec 2004 12:17

Release Notes: An "-o" option (select oldest process only) was added to "pgrep" and "pkill". Some fixes and performance improvements have been made with respect to UTF-8 (multibyte) locales. Some build problems have also been resolved.

  •  07 Nov 2004 17:14

Release Notes: The tools have been ported to OpenBSD. Building on Linux with diet libc works again. Minor bugs have been fixed in 'cal', 'diff', and 'pg'.

  •  14 Oct 2004 09:16

Release Notes: It is now possible to use a cross-compiler for building all tools. Some portability fixes have been made. The "date" command was fixed to handle dates given in the form "mmddhhmmccyy" correctly.


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