Version 060122 of Heirloom Toolchest

Release Notes: The tools have been ported to Mac OS X and to DragonFlyBSD.

Other releases

  •  15 Jul 2007 08:43

Release Notes: A "-P" option has been added to "cpio" that allows you to specify attributes like the file owner when creating an archive. With it, unprivileged users can set arbitrary attributes for files within an archive. Some compilation problems have been fixed, particularly with respect to current Linux distributions.

  •  26 Feb 2007 17:17

Release Notes: This release adds a configurable directory for the Heirloom Development Tools installation, by default "/usr/ccs/bin", which is now also included in the default path for the "getconf" utility. The "tsort" utility has been moved into it. The "what" command has been replaced by an OpenSolaris-based implementation. OpenSolaris-based manual pages are now used for "bdiff", "newform", and "fspec". The "psrinfo" command has been fixed to show the "on-line since" value correctly for Linux 2.6. Provisions for interoperability with SVR4 packaging tools have been added.

  •  15 Jan 2007 07:21

Release Notes: "deroff" now handles Heirloom troff extensions. Substitution of specific occurences of patterns in "ed", as in "s/x/y/3", has been fixed. Portability fixes for Mac OS X, FreeBSD 6, NetBSD 3, OpenBSD 3.8, and for building with GNU make 3.81 are included.

  •  22 Jan 2006 16:57

Release Notes: The tools have been ported to Mac OS X and to DragonFlyBSD.

  •  18 Nov 2005 13:42

Release Notes: Fixes were made for "getconf", "ps, "rm", and "tr". RPM package builds now depend on the new "Heirloom Development Tools" package.


Project Spotlight


A tool which edits and replays captured network traffic back onto the wire.


Project Spotlight

SIREMIS Web Management Interface

A Web management interface for Kamailio (OpenSER).