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14 Dec 2011 02:32 speps

Hi jaromil,
thanks for your work, but source package for release 0.6.1 is not downloadable
(Forbidden) and it needs a chmod +r.


29 Aug 2011 14:42 noodlepringle

Hey guys

Fantastic work - I've used your older versions of the software for some time. I've tried this newer version out and love it! Although I've found that pretty consistently it refuses to continue sync after 6 or so hours. It'll lock up on the last frame of the video and sit there doing nothing. It appears as if the scripts are still running under the hood, but the video locks up. Where do I submit bug reports on Freshmeat? Do you have any pointers? I've tried all the different versions of the 1.02.21 series firmware.



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