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  •  10 Aug 2009 11:48

Release Notes: Support for SATA SSD TRIM commands was enhanced with the introduction of several arguments. In addition, an experimental script ( is provided which calculates a list of unallocated blocks within a filesystem, and informs the SSD firmware of those blocks. In some cases, this can restore a sluggish SSD to nearly-new speeds again. Furthermore, a workaround to an observed ext4 bug with FIEMAP's "LAST" flag was added, and the "-E" flag was modified to work with modern DVD drives.

  •  17 Feb 2008 13:24

Release Notes: A major code overhaul was made. Support for libata SATA/PATA drives was significantly expanded. Much better compliance with the SCSI-ATA-Translation specification was achieved. The -A, -W, and -M flags can now be used without a parameter to query the current setting. Several enhancements to the -I information were made. New flags "--make-bad-sector", "--repair-sector", and "--read-sector" were added. The "-N" flag was added to get/set max address/HPA. Many other fixes and enhancements were made.

  •  16 Apr 2005 06:20

Release Notes: Added ATA Security switches, and fixed use of BLKGETSIZE64.

  •  28 May 2002 10:02

Release Notes: Lots of new features were added. Small bugfixes were made. Updates were made to conform to the latest ATA/ATAPI-6 draft standard.

  •  10 Mar 2001 20:02

Release Notes: This release supports the latest 2.4.x kernels and the newest drives and transfer modes, including udma5 (ata100). Nearly all newer systems can receive a huge performance boost with this combination of options applied to each hard drive: hdparm -d1 -u1 -m8 -c3 -W1 -A1.


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