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  •  21 Jun 2012 22:27

Release Notes: This release adds a new feature to merge committed datatypes when copying objects, extends the library to allow working with files in memory in the same ways files are worked with on disk, corrects a memory allocation error in the MPI datatype construction code, and adds two new routines to set/get the atomicity parameter in the MPI library to perform atomic operations. Windows and STDIO correctness changes have been propagated from the SEC2 and old Windows drivers to the STDIO VFD.

  •  17 Jun 2011 06:29

Release Notes: The ability to cache files opened through external links was added to the library. Shared C++ and High Level libraries can now be built on AIX. The library now allows a dataspace dimension size to be zero. The h5copy utility was fixed to enable copying an object into the same HDF5 file. A few fixes were made to the High Level Fortran APIs. Speedups were done to some of the utilities.

Release Notes: The Fortran90 API was updated to support 1.8.x capabilities. Chunks bigger than 4Gb are disallowed. Numerous bugs were fixed.

  •  15 Feb 2008 13:11

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes and code cleanups.

Release Notes: h5repack now supports adding multiple filters to all objects. Inputs to command line utilities are now more consistent. There is improved utility handling of values such as NaN. The library will attempt to repair corrupted object header information unless compiled under strict mode.

  •  27 Nov 2007 01:01

Release Notes: Numerous minor bugfixes, code cleanups, and minor extensions to import/export tools.

Release Notes: The default Fortran was switched to G95 when using GCC. The autoconf build tools were updated. Fortran interfaces were added for the Image, Table, and Lite APIs. A Dimension Scale API (H5DS) was added. FreeBSD is now supported on AMD64 with GNU C and Fortran compilers. Support for sequential and parallel libraries was added for Intel 64 Linux clusters. Several bugs with writing fill values for datasets that have a variable-length datatype or component datatype were fixed.

Release Notes: This version features Fortran interfaces for the Image, Table, and Lite APIs, a new HDF5 Dimension Scale API (H5DS), updated documentation, support for FreeBSD on amd64 with GNU C and Fortran compilers, support for sequential and parallel libraries for Intel 64 Linux clusters, support for both 32 and 64-bit HPUX 11.23, support for 64-bit Windows with Visual Studio .NET and 2005, support for VAX floating numbers for Alpha Open VMS 7.3.2, and support for Alpha Open VMS 7.3.2. Tools were revised to include the High Level Image API support.

Release Notes: The build system uses G95 if available. Attribute sizes are now unrestricted. A high level image API has been added to the tools. h5dump output options have been improved. h5repack and h5diff have been extended to support newer capabilities.

Release Notes: Improved support for 32-bit and 64-bit HPUX. Link APIs for hard and soft links have been added to data objects within an HDF5 file. Links may by local or span across HDF5 files. Operations have been added for opening and closing objects of an unknown type, and opening objects by address within a file. Additional minor API updates and minor bugfixes.


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Ada Server Faces

An Ada Web framework that follows Java Server Faces.


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A diff/patch library for JSON-serialized data structures.