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hashl creates a database with partial file hashes. It is useful for checking if you already have a copy of files before transferring them over a slow network. It does this by hashing only the first few MiB of every file. This gives it a huge speed advantage at the cost of possible (though pretty improbable) false positives.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  02 Nov 2011 22:43

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug when encountering zero-length files and adds an optional regex argument to "hashl list".

    •  24 May 2011 04:20

      Release Notes: This release introduces a Perl API via App::Hashl. "hashl update" now tries to save its status when interrupted. Various minor improvements were made in the handling of ignored files.

      •  09 May 2011 14:42

        Release Notes: This is the first release. You can create and later update a database of files below a directory, copy that database around and use it to check if other files (maybe even on other systems) are in it or not. You can also mark files as ignored, meaning they will always be known to hashl, even if you remove them from the filesystem. This is handy to avoid re-downloading known bad files.


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        A tool for setup and on-demand mounting of encrypted filesystems under Linux.


        Project Spotlight


        A microcontroller assembler.